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The Bad Boy: Tinder Love Story Pt. 1

Every girl has had their fair share of experience with bad boys in their life. Women are always known to take the bad boy over the gentlemen and sometimes that is true! Sometimes we want the excitement, the adrenaline and the image that comes with the bad boy. I have had my time with bad boys and one specifically comes in mind three years ago when I met a handsomely grungy man online. Naturally tan skinned with big brown eyes, curly hair that fell into his face and plump lips. He was your typical image of a skater boy. The perfect bad boy.

At this point in my life I was going to a community college and not only was I looking for friends I was looking for love. After I had downloaded Tinder and made my various swipes of approval and disapproval, I had matched this specific man. For the sake of this story, we call our bad boy Ghost. Ghost profile was very welcome and relaxed. He wrote that he was a very laid back easy going person. He enjoyed concerts and music and 420 friendly and I didn’t mind that at all. I had also noticed that he went to the same community college as me and that was instantly something we connected on.

Fast forward to our first date, it had been almost a month of us unable to get time together and finally Ghost and I had decided to do something fun. Instead of a stereotypical coffee date we decided to go to Dave and Busters. During this point in time, I was head over heels for Ghost and had a bit of a problem of falling too fast for anyone that gave me any sort of attention. We had agreed that I would pick him up since he did not have a car, and we would drive to D&B.

As I pulled into the townhouse parking lot, I sat in my car for about 20 minutes waiting on him. Going so far as to call my best friend to past the time and rant about his lack of punctuality. Finally, he walked out of his house and towards my car, I was instantly blinded, everything seemed to slow down. Ghosts’ curly hair blew in the wind as he shoved his phone into his pocket. Sliding his arm through the leather jacket - it was Fall during this time - and pushing a hand through his hair. As he opened my door he greeted me with a sly wink and a peck on the cheek.

At that moment, I didn’t care anymore about how late he was.

We arrived at D&B and took our time walking throughout the arcade. I was determined to gain tickets to win a prize and also to beat him in various different games. After several racing games, shooting games and a few appetizers we had gotten bored of the arcade. Since Dave and Busters was connected to the mall, we both decided to walk throughout the mall before it closed. Check out a few stores and possibly buy a few things.

As we chatted about our workload at school and other miscellaneous things, we suddenly approached a little kiosk was selling jewelry. Expensive jewelry, too high for our college budget --- or so I thought. As we looked at the diamonds and 24K gold, Ghost decided to speak.

“I’ve always wanted a gold chain.”

At his words I glanced at him and sarcastically responded, “Well, why don’t you just get one.”

His exact words were, “I would, but I only have five hundred dollars in my wallet right now and that cost over a thousand.”

An instant red flag went in my head and I raised an eyebrow at him. “Five hundred dollars? You’re carrying five hundred dollars on you right now?”

“Yeah.” He shrugged his shoulders and turned away from the kisok and tugged my hand.

“I usually carry a thousand, but I put my away before I left.” I couldn’t help but be confused and shocked how a twenty year old man had so much money. And why the hell was he carrying that much cash with him?

There had been a few times in our previous conversation where I asked what he did for a living and he never exactly answered the question. It always went over his head or somehow he was able to change the conversation. Similar to that, as soon as I began to question and drill him how he had so much money, he spun me around. Grabbed my chin and smiled at me, he pressed a sweet, soft kiss to my lips and reassured me.

“Don’t worry about it baby girl, just know that if you want or need something you can ask me and I’ll get it for you.”

Baby girl. The kiss. The look in his eyes - man was I star struck. I merely nodded at his words and let him run his finger along my cheek before we continued on our date.

We went inside a few stores, pointing out a few things I liked and he liked. It was suddenly interrupted when he got a phone call. He gave me a finger before stepping away from for a minute and answer his phone. A frown came upon his face as he began to talk sternly.

“No, what did I fucking tell you --- no, just leave it. I’ll handle him when I get back, just give it to him and text me when you’re done.”

An annoyed expression crossed his face as he turned towards me again. I frowned, “What’s wrong?”


“Who was that?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer. I’m not the type of girl that lets things like that slide. I don’t like being held from the truth and after hearing what he said, of course, I wanted to know. I opened my mouth to speak and question him once more, but before I could do anything he glanced down at me and gave me a stern look.

“Who was that?”

The look that he gave me told me I shouldn’t be asking certain questions. He certainly didn’t believe it was any of my business and I was probably beginning to get on his nerves. ____ didn’t say anything. Instead he pulled me a little closer once more as if to hug me. “Weren’t you talking about buying a dress for valentines day?”

My eyes squinted at his, “--- yeah.”

“Alright then, let me buy that dress.”

He pulls me towards the nearest store which just so happened to be Forever21. As we entered I could feel his phone vibrate in his pocket.

What the hell were they talking about?

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