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His Body Speaks Loudly: 8 Body Language Signs He's Into You

You’re on the first date. The conversation is going amazing, he’s engaging and seems interested. But what is his body saying? Sometimes you have to look further than the words coming out of their mouth to understand the attitude and nature of your match. Today, we will share 8 body language signs that he is into you.

1. Deep Breaths: You are just that breathtaking - literally. When a man is attracted to you in more ways than one, he will need to intake more air. It’s a natural instinct. You may find your match breathing deeper whenever you are together or when he first sees you. By taking a deep breath, not only is he attempting to relax his mind, but also appear more attractive. With every deep breathe an instant straightened posture follows.

2. Posture: You walk into the restaurant and notice your match, you both lock eyes and instantly he is sitting up straighter and taller. While he may have been slouching before, now that you have arrived he is trying to appear more posed and manly. He wants to impress you. A perfect posture indicates your match wants you to take them seriously, he wants to appear dominant and manly. A protector.

3. Voice & Tone: When a man is into you, he will accommodate you with you his tone and voice. Naturally, men like to speak louder around women they are interested in because they want to be heard. As well as show off to a few friends or onlookers that he is with you and he is enjoying himself. The tone of his voice can also drop tremendously which creates a more intimate atmosphere. He may be interested in leading you to the bedroom, but he also may want to appear gentle and sweet. Men are known to be strong, bold and loud so a man that can soften his voice for you is a man that is comfortable being vulnerable around you.

4. Parted Lips: Watch his lips. If your match’s lips are parted throughout majority of the date then this is a sign he is into you. Parted lips indicates he is open to the conversation and open to listening to things you have to say. Parted lips are also a sign he is flirting with you and extremely attracted to you. Might even lead to a little kiss at the end.

5. Eye Contact: If you’re match is looking you directly in the eyes for majority of the night, he is definitely into you! As they say, eyes are the gateway to your soul and your match may already feel and appreciate you deeper than what’s on the surface. He is not distracted by the background noise, you have his full undivided attention. By making eye contact, your match is confident in themself and confident in their interest towards you.

6. Gentle touches: If both parties understand each other's boundaries and you give indications you don't mind being touched, then he certainly won’t be able to keep his hands off you. If a man is interested in you, he will find anyway to touch you in the most gentlest and innocent way. Whether that be caressing your cheek, placing his hand lightly over yours or guiding you through a crowd with his palm on the small of your back; he is totally attracted to you. However, understand the difference between innocent affection and aggressive inappropriate gestures.

7. Smiling: A smile is a pure tell-tale sign that your match is interested in you. Whenever someone smiles they are usually happy and enjoying themselves. If your match is smiling on and off throughout your conversation or if you catch him smiling at you out of admiration you are certainly make his heart skip a few beats and he can’t help but feel butterflies of bliss.

8. Facing You: If his toros is aligned with yours then he is into you. Exposing his body fully and mirroring your own indicates he is opening himself up - emotionally, he is interested and he is welcoming you.

If your match does any of these eight things then they are definetely, one hundred percent into you! Sometimes words can be a difficult thing to comprehend and analyze, but a man's body never lies.

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