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7 Tips to Avoid Cabin Fever While Teleworking This Fall

When social distancing first hit our office buildings we thought a week or two off work would be the mini vacay we were all looking for. Now as a second wave of Coronavirus continues to plague its way across the country we never thought we’d miss our cubicles and our coworkers so much! But don’t fret, check out this list to best avoid cabin fever while working from home this Fall.

Create an office space.

Whether your normal 9-5 consists of a corner office, a classroom, or a cubicle you have a designated area that your brain associates with getting things done! Now that it looks like we will not be going back into the office any time soon it’s time to create a space that is specifically designated for working, whether it’s a desk, a tv tray, or your kitchen table while you’re sitting here your brain knows, it’s time to work. When it’s time to take a break or “clock out” for the day, simply pack up your work station and return to its normal function if need be. Avoid working from your bed at all cost, your bedroom should be your sanctuary for peace and tranquility, even if you’re feeling a little under the weather try working from the couch for comfort.

Crank up the noise…and smells!

Working tirelessly for hours on end with the sound of nothing more than your neighbors above, traffic, or kids enjoying their time outside will do nothing but make time drag on. Meanwhile is that the smell of your gym socks or the stinky dog bed, either way….gross! The same way you set your work station you should set the feel.

Apple music, Spotify and Pandora are loaded with playlists ranging from classical to easy listening to set the mood for an optimal and enjoyable work environment. You don’t have to have a full-blown concert but, humming along to your favorite movie soundtrack will boost your productivity and make your workday fly by while drowning out the pesky background noise of being at home.

Whether you prefer the smell of lavender or fresh linens, investing in an oil diffuser, or burning your favorite candle, is a must-have addition to your newfound work area. Filling your workspace with pleasant scents will improve your mood and in some cases improve your focus and make your work area much more pleasurable.

Take an exercise break.

Maybe you’re used to taking a quick 30-minute social media break or walking to the break room for a midday coffee. Now, as you work from home those quick breaks during the day may not seem like enough, so make the most of them. Get up and get a quick workout in! Getting your blood flowing releases endorphins in your brain that make us feel happy and give us a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention it will help you shed that #quarantine15 most of us have gained.

Natural light.

Maybe you’re blessed with a corner office view skyline views and wraparound windows….or maybe your cubicle is under the fluorescent lights of a cold office building. If that’s the case then working from home comes with an added bonus you never even realized, NATURAL LIGHT! Open blinds and let in the Vitamin D, the warmth of the sun in your home brings not only positive vibes but helps increase blood flow throughout your body and gains in productivity. Even if it’s a rainy day benefits from natural light and the calming effect from the rain will improve your mood while stuck in the house.

Did you know: Most American’s are severely deficient in Vitamin D from our lack of exposure based on our working habits!

Put on clothes!

No video calls today? Been rotating between your day PJs and night PJs? While it may be comfortable, it’s doing nothing for your productivity or your mood. Waking up and actively putting on clothes will signal to your brain that your body is getting up to be active and productive. Especially as the weather changes and the days get shorter. No need to put on your best suit or dress but slipping on a nice pair of jeans and a comfortable shirt will put you in a better mood and help you to feel like you’re actually going to work, not just confined to the house. In addition, it will help you manage your weight gain by being able to check to make sure you can still fit into your jeans at least once a week.

Picture Courtesy: Kela Walker

Track your accomplishments.

Now is the time to get things done! Make that to-do list of the tasks you need to accomplish, one for work and one for the house. As you check things off you feel a sense of accomplishment, and as you complete tasks toward a goal, feel useful and productive. It’s easy to sit at home and feel we’re not making any progress as we continue to be limited on where we can go, but checking off boxes of chores you’ve been meaning to finish since 2019 will help you realize staying at home could be useful after all!

Invite your coworkers to a virtual lunch.

Missing your afternoon tea with your favorite coworker, or catching the eye of the Tech Support Bae? There are so many ways to stay connected with your favorite coworkers while you are away from each other. Schedule a virtual lunch and link up on Zoom to dish about your new coworkers, your significant other, your roommate, even your mother…out of earshot of course. Hop on Facetime during your morning coffee while checking your emails for a sense of camaraderie. Maybe even send Tech Support Bae an email asking if he can explain your new program over a virtual lunch. Technology is endless and so are the possibilities, put them to good use!

Times are tough, and cabin fever can set in quickly, but with a few tweaks to your daily schedule, you can avoid the frustration of being stuck in the house this fall and make your teleworking experience bearable if not enjoyable before we’re all called back into the office.

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