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5 Popular Summer Protective Styles

Summer has arrived, the perfect time for a protective hairstyle! Protecting your natural hair and allowing room for growth and repair will certainly be beneficial in the end. With as much time as it takes to complete the perfect protective style, you certainly want the best look for you! Look no further! Listed below are 5 popular summer protective styles for 2019!

Passion Twist

A perfect beachy protective style combining with a silky and faux-look. Achieving the protective element, Passion Twist offers the tropical vibe and will surely make you look summer ready!

Loose Ends Braids

A versatile look, loose ends braids allow you to achieve a wide range of different looks. Whether you’re going for a boho goddess look or something simple as box braids, leaving out loose ends creates a carefree tasteful look.

Long Cornrow Braids

A very simple yet elegant look. Long Cornrow Braids are a perfect protective style as well as something natural and sassy.

Fulani Protective Braids

A hot new look in 2019 filled with culture and love, Fulani protective braids are gaining popularity more and more everyday. A simple look can turn into something beautifully eccentric with just a few accessories. Two braids hanging in the front and the rest in the back offers different styled looks, buns, low ponytails, turbans and more!

Knotless Box Braids

Similar to Box Braids, Knotless braids use a feed-in technique, extra hair added into your natural hair. An overall better option seeing as less weight is weighing on your scalp! Less tension on your scalp and edges leaves more room to grow as well as a flirty sexy hair style.

Those were five protective styles to flaunt this summer! Not only will you have the hot girl summer vibe, but your hair will also be protected. Enabling a guard from the sun, dust and any hot temperatures. Whether it be adding in a bit of color, a few accessories or altering the braiding pattern, each protective style can be unique to you. Overall offering you beauty, confidence and stylish look!

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